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Manual Handling and Abrasive Wheels

Manual Handling and Abrasive Wheels

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COURSE SUMMARY (Both Courses are run over one day)

Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive wheels can be dangerous if they are not used properly. This course provides an introduction to abrasive wheels and grinding operations, and explores how these operations can be carried out safely.

Duration: half day


Manual Handling

This course provides an introduction to manual handling; what it is; the injuries it can cause; and how these can be prevented. Safe handling techniques and best practices are shown, and interactive scenarios are used to demonstrate the real-life application of these techniques

Duration: Half day


Abrasive Wheels Course Details

• Define abrasive wheels

• Explain that the use of abrasive wheels is often regulated and identify an example

• Explain the basic composition of abrasive wheels and identify the key materials used

• Identify different types of abrasive wheels

• Explain the importance of using the correct clamping force during grinding operations

• Describe the procedure for changing cutting or grinding discs for angle grinders

• Identify the key hazards of grinding operations

• Explain the importance of safety during grinding operations and identify the key safety steps which should be taken

• Explain the safety checklist to be used during grinding operations

• Explain the importance of wearing the correct PPE during grinding operations

• Identify common problems encountered when using abrasive wheels


Manual Handling Course Details

• Describe and demonstrate how to carry out safe manual handling, including good handling technique

• Describe how to carry loads and put them down safely

• Describe how to conduct specific manual handling tasks

• Explain how to carry difficult loads

• Explain how to risk assess manual handling situations

• Explain the importance of using rest breaks

• Explain the term ergonomics and how it can affect manual handling tasks

• Identify an individual’s manual handling capability

• Identify common manual handling injuries and their causes

• Identify your employer’s responsibilities for preventing manual handling injuries

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