Pubs in England & Wales to be granted an extension of hours if England or Scotland reach the Euros semi-finals

Pubs in England & Wales to be granted an extension of hours if England or Scotland reach the Euros semi-finals

It has been widely reported today (Wednesday 8th May) that an extension of licensing hours to 1 am will be granted to pubs in England and Wales if either England or Scotland reaches the Semi-Finals of the upcoming European Football Championships.

The Licensing Act 2003 allows Ministers to propose such extensions to mark an occasion of exceptional international, national, or local significance.

The Statutory Instrument, necessary to implement the ‘celebration period’ will be laid in Parliament today, therefore, allowing enough time for it to be debated and passed before the tournament begins.

Although all past extensions have all been passed by Parliament, the final confirmation for Operators will not come for a few weeks.

Home Secretary James Cleverly said:

“Over the coming weeks we will all be getting ready to support our home nations in what will be a busy summer of sport and a proud moment for Britain.

“We have listened to the public through our consultation and will be extending pub licensing hours should England and/or Scotland reach the semi-finals or final of Euro 2024.

“This boost to the hospitality sector will allow friends, families and communities to come together for longer to watch their nation hopefully bring it home.”

Michael Kill CEO NTIA said:

“The Home Office's decision to extend hours for the European Championship finals and semis is a game-changer for businesses in hospitality and nightlife. This timely boost comes as a lifeline for sectors facing immense economic pressure. It’s heartening to see Government proactively supporting trading opportunities, especially after genuine consultation where our voices were heard. This move not only bolsters financial prospects but also revitalises the vibrant spirit of our nighttime economy. We applaud this collaborative effort and urge for continued support to keep our industries thriving.”

The semi-finals are currently scheduled to take place on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th July and the final on Sunday 14th  July.

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