From £995.00 + VAT


If you are looking to authorise the retail sale of alcohol for consumption on or off your premises, provide regulated entertainment and/or late night refreshments then you will need a premises licence as these are classed as ‘licensable activities’.

The basic process of the Premises Licence Application is covered in the cost quoted here but please be aware that there are other costs necessary to complete the application. Booking with us online shall initiate your application and you will receive a call from one of our dedicated Premises Licence personnel. If you require more information and would like to discuss your application before purchasing our service either call us on 0330 999 3199 or use the Request A Call-Back form below.

Licensable activities will include the following:

  • Retail sale of alcohol
  • Indoor sporting events
  • Film exhibition
  • Boxing or wrestling entertainment
  • Live music
  • Playing of recorded music
  • Performance of a play
  • Entertainment that is of a similar description to live music, the playing of recorded music and dancing
  • The provision of late night refreshment to include hot food / drinks served between 11pm and 5am


Knight Training have a team of experts dedicated to the process of Premises Licence Applications who liaise with the nine different responsible authorities on a daily basis ensuring your Premises Licence will be received in the quickest time possible.

What does the process comprise of?

Knight Training will complete all the applicable application forms and submit these on your behalf to your local council requesting your premises licence.
We will liaise with and send a copy of your application to the Police and the other 8 responsible authorities.
We will confirm the rateable value that will determine the fee you will have to pay to the relevant authority.
We will produce an advert that will be displayed in the local press.
We will produce and send the relevant notice which will need to be displayed in a prominent position outside your premises.
We will negotiate with the relevant authorities if any objections or relevant representations are received and attempt to avert any hearing.
We can additionally produce your plan (at a scale of 1:100 which details the entrance, exits, fire equipment, CCTV points and where alcohol will be consumed and sold), as an additional service, should this be required.

Please note that if an existing Licence needs changing and these changes will affect any of the Licensing Objectives, then a “Major Variation” will have to be applied for. Please follow this Link for more information.