£160.00 (INC VAT)

The cost of the Personal Licence Application is £83.33 plus VAT. There are also two disbursement fees to be paid which total £60 (no VAT applicable). This gives a total cost of £160 including VAT.

If you are looking for a Personal Licence Application for Scotland, please click here.

Once you have obtained your Personal Licence Holders qualification, you can begin your Personal Licence Application. Knight Training can help you with our fast track service. Our team of experts deal with Personal Licence Applications to local authorities across the country. We process your applications in a professional and speedy manner which can save your business valuable time and money.

The Personal Licence Application process can take several weeks, so Knight Training offers to support and represent you to the relevant Authorities; dealing with them on your behalf. Our aim is always to get your Personal Licence returned to you fast, and with the least possible hassle.

How to make a Personal Licence Application

When you have completed your APLH Qualification you can make an official Personal Licence Application to your local licensing authority. You need to make your application to the Licensing Office which covers your home address. In some areas, this will mean making an application to your local council. In other areas, there will be a ‘licensing partnership’. Our team will help you find out where to make your application. We will then make sure your application is in line with the Licensing Policy and Police and Immigration rules. Requirements vary but usually, you will need to include a criminal record check (DBS Certificate), Personal Licence Holders’ Certificate, proof of right to work in the UK, two passport photos (certified) and the correct supporting documentation.

This process varies slightly across the UK and it is essential that the application is submitted correctly, regularly chased up, and the licence is checked once received.

Personal Licence Application process breakdown

• Completion of a Personal Licence Course (APLH/SCPLH)
• Completion of a Personal Licence Application Pack (provided by Knight Training)
• Completed Criminal Record Check for a DBS Certificate (England & Wales only)
• Submission of a valid Personal Licence Application
• Decision to grant a licence by the local authority & granting of a licence
• Printing of the licence (including a licence photo-card depending on issuing authority)

Why would you need a Personal Licence?

As a Personal Licence Holder, you can take advantage of the many opportunities the hospitality industry offers. Whether you are hoping to gain a promotion or start a new business, the Personal Licence will be invaluable in allowing you to sell alcohol.

Contact Knight Training to begin your Personal Licence Application today.