Course Overview

This course is accredited by the BIIAB, covering all that you need to know in relation to food allergies, catering and food labelling. Covering the FIC (Food Information for Consumers Regulation) which will ensure you comply with the new EU legislation introduced on the 13th December 2014.

The Course Covers

The set of laws and regulations which must be adhered to within the Catering trade and when labelling foods;

  • The definition of a ‘Food Allergy′, the variation between Food Allergies and Food Intolerances and the fundamental set of laws relating to the regulations – key aspects.
  • Which of the food produce specifically the 14 major allergenic foods contained must be labelled or informed as present within foods.
  • The staff which the regulation/legislation relates to and the responsibilities for those staff and that of the consumer also when it comes to providing the relevant allergenic information.
  • Reactions to the human body and the symptoms to be aware of when someone may be having an allergic reaction.
  • Defining the importance of how food is sold in terms of packaging and where it is sold.

Who would attend this Course?

This course is perfect for anyone working within the catering trade and interested in gaining more knowledge on the new regulations and legislation.


£20 + VAT (£24) per person, we offer group discounts for multiple course bookings.


This course is available at any time to purchase and you can complete it at your leisure.

How do I join the Course?

Please contact our offices where we will create your account enabling you to complete your course online.