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Personal Licence Application Scotland

£160.00 (INC VAT)

The cost of the Personal Licence Application is £91.67 plus VAT. There are also disbursement fees to be paid which total £50 (no VAT applicable). This gives a total cost of £160 including VAT.

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Once you have obtained your Personal Licence Holders qualification, you are in the position to apply for your Personal Licence. Knight Training provides a fast track service, using our team of experts who regularly deal with all of the local authorities, meaning we are able to process your applications in a professional and speedy manner saving you time and money.

The process of applying for a Personal Licence can take a number of weeks and involves multiple stages, each of which requires specific documents, evidence and certification. Knight Training offers this service to support & represent you, to the relevant Authorities, in order to have your Personal Licence returned to you in the speediest time possible and with the least possible hassle.

What is the process?

Upon completion of an APLH or SCPLH, you will be in a position to make an official application to your Local Licensing Authority to obtain a Licence. This must be made to the relevant Licensing Offices who take jurisdiction over your residential address, whether based at your local council or Licensing Partnership. Once found, a valid Application must be made to this Office, in line with their Licensing Policy and complies with both Police and Immigration guidelines (as of 2017). Typically, a valid Application consists of a Criminal Record Check, Personal Licence Holders Certificate, Proof of Right to Work in the UK, two Passport Photos (certified) and the correct supporting documentation.

This process varies across the UK and it is essential that the Application is submitted correctly, regularly chased up, and checked once received.


  • Completion of Personal Licence Course (APLH/SCPLH)
  • Completion of a Personal Licence Application Pack (provided by Knight Training)
  • Submission of a valid Personal Licence Application
  • Criminal Record Check by Police Licensing
  • Decision to grant Licence by Local Authority & granting of Licence
  • Printing of the Licence (including a Licence photo-card depending on Issuing Authority)

Why would you need a Personal Licence?

As a Personal Licence Holder, you will be entitled to take full advantage of the many opportunities the alcohol and hospitality industry offers. Whether you are hoping to gain a promotion at your current employment, start a new business or set-up an events company, the Personal Licence will be invaluable in allowing you to legally, and responsibly, authorise the sale of alcohol. Examples of the benefits include, but are not limited to; taking on Management roles within a Premises, Licensing a new Premises, increased number of Temporary Events Notices (TENs) and training new staff through induction.

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