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Serving Food & Drink on Your Premises

At the heart of the business of pubs and other licensed venues is the sale of food and drink. To make these businesses successful, it’s important to deliver great service and a pleasant experience throughout. While the APLH or SCPLH is a legal requirement to become a DPS at one of these venues, it’s not [...]

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Temporary Event Notice (TEN) Options from Knight Training

If you’re looking to carry out a licensable activity in an unlicensed premises, or provide regulated entertainment not included on an existing licence, the best route for you is a Temporary Event Notice. TENs allow you to provide licensable activities that your license would otherwise not cover or when there is no licence in place [...]

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You Have Your Personal Licence, Now What?

So, you decided to get a personal licence. You took the course to prepare, sat a mock exam, got help with your application and now you’re looking at a new, official personal licence certificate. What’s the next step? Steps to Success for Hospitality Workers Hospitality workers looking to improve their prospects of promotion often secure [...]

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5 Things You Should Know Before You Apply for a Personal Licence

Personal licences are essential for any business selling alcohol, and having your own personal licence can improve your chances of climbing career ladders in restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, and any retail business which sells alcohol. Rising even as high as a shift leader is easier if you can be legally responsible for the sale of [...]

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Personal Licence Training for APLH Qualifications

Holding a personal licence is a necessity for many in the hospitality industry. It’s especially important for anyone intending to make hospitality their career; landlords, events planners, hotel managers and many more will want to maintain their personal licence. It’s not necessary that every member of staff hold a personal licence, but it’s good practice [...]

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How to Get a Premises Licence

Any premises wishing to host events with alcohol sales or to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises will need a Premises Licence. This is in addition to the need for at least one Personal Licence Holder to act as DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor). Simpler, Faster Applications There are nine different authorities able to offer [...]

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