At the heart of the business of pubs and other licensed venues is the sale of food and drink.

To make these businesses successful, it’s important to deliver great service and a pleasant experience throughout. While the APLH or SCPLH is a legal requirement to become a DPS at one of these venues, it’s not enough on its own to make a profitable business.

Ensuring Quality Standards

Whether you’re providing gourmet food or offering cooked bar snacks at the lowest price point certainly affects the level of cost and work involved in food preparation. However, there are still certain basic quality and health standards which apply across the board.

Our ABCQ Award in Beer and Cellar Quality is designed to teach you the essentials of beer and cellar management. This includes making sure of profit and recurring customers through maintaining high quality levels. You’ll also learn to master pulling the perfect pint – an important art for anyone who wants their customers to return for more!

Just as important is the course’s time spent focusing on safety and hygiene. Even rumours that someone was exposed to food poisoning can seriously damage a business’ profitability and long-term survival prospects. Taking care of hygiene for drinks and full food safety is important.

We also offer food safety training and certification at three different levels:

Managers, owners, and supervisors should be qualified up to at least level 3, due to the Food Safety Act 1990 which lays down minimum legal requirements. Level 4 is recommended.