Hospitality Success after your Personal LicenceSo, you decided to get a personal licence. You took the course to prepare, sat a mock exam, got help with your application and now you’re looking at a new, official personal licence certificate.

What’s the next step?

Steps to Success for Hospitality Workers

Hospitality workers looking to improve their prospects of promotion often secure a personal licence because not having one means you’re less likely to be considered for shift management, let alone higher responsibilities. In the hospitality industry, it’s useful to be able to be the DPS for your venue.

Our E-Learning courses also offer plenty of ways to improve your prospects. Depending on your workplace, any of the following might be useful:

Steps to Success for Store Managers

You can boost team morale and improve your chance of success by taking the IOSH Managing Safely course, showing a willingness to take responsibility and a forward-thinking attitude. It’s also worth getting certified in First Aid at Work.

This training doesn’t just prepare you for any emergencies that may come up – it can also reduce the cost of insurance policies, and anything that cuts down on your outgoings is a worthwhile long-term investment.

Even more useful, however, might be the ADPS Level 2. This course is vital for any personal licence holder who wants to become a DPS.

Steps to Success for Landlords

The difference between a pub and a successful, highly profitable pub can be down to just a few key points – or, if local competition is high, it can take a landlord with the skills and determination to go the extra mile in everything.

We offer a group of four hospitality courses which are designed to help landlords and potential landlords achieve greater success whatever their local competition.

These include:

Make sure you’re prepared for success once your personal licence arrives and take the steps to get the skills you need.