Holding a personal licence is a necessity for many in the hospitality industry. It’s especially important for anyone intending to make hospitality their career; landlords, events planners, hotel managers and many more will want to maintain their personal licence.

It’s not necessary that every member of staff hold a personal licence, but it’s good practice (and can be essential) to ensure that there are more licence holders on the staff than the DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor) alone, as someone holding a licence must be on the premises for alcohol to be legally sold.

This makes holding a personal licence a great way to show your employers you’re serious about advancing your career.

Achieving this licence and renewing it both require the candidate to successfully pass an exam. In England and Wales, this is the APLH Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders. Candidates looking to work in Scotland must pass the SCLPH Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders.

Training for a Personal Licence

As one of the largest providers of licenced retail training for the UK, Knight Training has developed training courses purpose-designed to give candidates the understanding and awareness the APLH and SCLPH exams test for, and which are necessary to ensure your premises comply with all regulations while selling alcohol.

It’s our goal to ensure that your work pays off. We want you not just to pass the exam but to have the skills you need.

This is also why several our other courses exist – we hope to provide our students with all the tools necessary for success in the hospitality sector.