Any premises wishing to host events with alcohol sales or to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises will need a Premises Licence. This is in addition to the need for at least one Personal Licence Holder to act as DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor).

Simpler, Faster Applications

There are nine different authorities able to offer Premises Licences depending upon where in the country you are. Our team are regularly in contact with them and our connections and experience make the application process much quicker and simpler.

We can help you get a Premises license as quickly as we can by helping you step by step.  Just fill out the application form on our page, or click for more details.  We’ll complete the process for you and negotiate the license on your behalf. A basic quote is already provided.

A premises license is important even if you hold a personal license as the premises will not be legally be allowed to provide many services; the sale of alcohol, the providing of entertainment, or for example, playing recorded songs or live music.

Full Service Support

We do also provide extra services; for example, we can help develop a full plan for you including details of fire equipment, CCTV points, etc.

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